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300cubits, a Blockchain Shipping Pioneer, Gives up on Its TEU Token

| Richard Meyer

The Hong Kong-based company calls it quits as clients raise concerns about the value of the coin.

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IBM Completes Blockchain Trial Tracking a 28-Ton Shipment of Oranges

| Anna Baydakova

IBM has completed a trial of blockchain technology to track a shipment of mandarin oranges from China to Singapore ahead of Lunar New Year…

South Korean Government Trials Blockchain for Shipping Efficiency Boost

| Yogita Khatri

Two South Korean government ministries are exploring blockchain's potential to bring new efficiencies to port logistics.

Canadian Border Services Begins Testing IBM Blockchain for Shipping

| Aditi Hudli

The Canadian Border Services Agency will partner with the Port of Montreal to trial a blockchain solution for supply chain tracking.

British Maritime Society Builds Blockchain Tool for Ship Registration

| Nikhilesh De

Lloyd's Register is demoing a blockchain tool for recording information about ships for underwriters and merchants at this year's SMM fair.

Anheuser-Busch Owner Pilots Blockchain for Shipping

| Wolfie Zhao

The parent company of beer maker Anheuser-Busch has taken part in a blockchain pilot in a bid to test the tech for global shipping uses.

Walmart Wants Blockchain to Make Shipping ‘Smarter’

| Annaliese Milano

Walmart is seeking a patent for a "smart package" that would use blockchain technology to track physical goods through their shipping journey.

IBM-Maersk Blockchain Project Adds Logistics Provider Agility

| Annaliese Milano

Agility will share and receive information about shipments through the blockchain in hopes of reducing the cost of administration and documentation.

Sea Change? Deloitte Is Tracking Management Systems Certificates with Blockchain

| Jonathan Keane

Deloitte and DNV GL, one of the world's largest classification societies, are taking non-financial uses of blockchain tech into uncharted waters.

Shipping Giant Maersk to Deploy Blockchain Maritime Insurance Solution

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

A joint venture between shipping giant Maersk, Microsoft and accounting firm EY aims to apply blockchain technology in the field of marine insurance.