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WSJ’s ShapeShift Exposé Overstated Money Laundering by $6 Million, Analysis Says

| Leigh Cuen

Blockchain analytics firms say money laundering accusations against ShapeShift don't match up.

Crypto Exchange ShapeShift Is Looking for a New CFO

| Anna Baydakova

ShapeShift is looking for a new chief financial officer to succeed Justin Blincoe, who is taking on a new "senior finance" role at the company.

Rethink, Renew: ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees to Rebrand Crypto Exchange

| Christine Kim

In a panel discussion on leadership at ethereum hackathon ETHDenver, Erik Voorhees – founder of cryptocurrency exchange platform ShapeShift…

Binance’s Crypto Winter Strategy: Build and Beef Up Partnerships

| Leigh Cuen

Binance is playing the long-game – investing in infrastructure and collaboration across the crypto ecosystem.

ShapeShift Lays Off 37 in Latest Crypto Industry Cutback

| Brady Dale and Zack Seward

Crypto exchange ShapeShift has announced a round of layoffs, cutting its staff by a third.

Crypto Exchange ShapeShift Calls Money Laundering Claims ‘Deceptive’

| Nikhilesh De

ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees condemned a Wall Street Journal investigation claiming the exchange laundered money as being "inaccurate."

WSJ Investigation Alleges $88 Million Laundered Through 46 Crypto Exchanges

| Nikhilesh De

The Wall Street Journal claimed Friday that 46 crypto exchanges were used to launder nearly $90 million – with $9 million going through ShapeShift.

Regulators Land Punches, But There’s a Long Fight Over Crypto Ahead

| Michael J Casey

From ShapeShift's capitulation to KYC to the New York Attorney General's critical look at exchanges, officialdom is striking heavy blows. Stay tuned.

Crypto Exchange ShapeShift’s CEO Says Move to Collect IDs Was ‘Proactive’

| Marc Hochstein

Cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift's decision to require user ID wasn't forced upon it but was a preemptive step to reduce legal risks, its CEO said.

Crypto Exchange ShapeShift Is Moving Away From Its No-Account Model

| Nikhilesh De

Crypto exchange ShapeShift is launching a membership program for its users. While voluntary at first, it will soon become a mandatory feature.