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Senate Banking Committee Schedules July Hearing on Facebook’s Libra Crypto

| Nikhilesh De and Stan Higgins

The U.S. Senate Banking Committee will hold a hearing next month on Facebook's new cryptocurrency, Libra.


US Senators Discuss Crypto Threat to Domestic Elections

| Nikhilesh De and Madeline Meng Shi

DarkTower director Scott Dueweke said cryptocurrencies are "tailor made" for foreign powers hoping to influence American elections.

CFTC Chief: US Should Tread Lightly on Crypto Exchanges

| Stan Higgins

The head of the CFTC told lawmakers Thursday that any federal approach to crypto regulation should be "carefully tailored" to the risks involved. 

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There’d Be No DLT Without Bitcoin, Says CFTC Chief

| Stan Higgins

"It's important to remember that if there were no bitcoin, there would be no distributed ledger technology," Giancarlo told a U.S. Senate committee.

CFTC Chair: ‘We’re Used To’ Volatile Assets Like Bitcoin

| Stan Higgins

As might be expected, Tuesday's Senate hearing touched on cryptocurrencies' volatility. But the head of the CFTC put the matter in perspective.

SEC Chief Clayton: ‘Every ICO I’ve Seen Is a Security’

| Stan Higgins

Initial coin offerings were one of several subjects up for discussion during Tuesday's U.S. Senate hearing.

What to Expect When CFTC, SEC Chiefs Talk Crypto With Congress

| Stan Higgins

Congress will hold what may be the most consequential hearing in years on cryptocurrency Tuesday, with the heads of the SEC and CFTC in the hot seat.

New Bill in Colorado Encourages State to Adopt Blockchain for Data Security

| Nikhilesh De

A new state bill introduced to the Colorado Senate is looking at using blockchain technology to secure private data from cyberattacks. 

$700 Billion Senate Defense Bill Calls for Blockchain Cybersecurity Study

| Stan Higgins

A major defense spending bill passed by the US Senate yesterday calls for a blockchain study, public records show.

CFTC Chief Asks Congress for More Money to Oversee Blockchain

| Stan Higgins

The CFTC has cited the advance of technologies like blockchain in a request to obtain additional funding for its oversight activities.