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Facebook’s Libra Lacks Foundational Components for Crypto Key Security

| Steven Sprague

After a review of documentation for the Libra protocol and its planned ecosystem, Steven Sprague believes Facebook left out key security components.


Fujitsu Develops Blockchain ID Tech That Scores Trustworthiness in Transactions

| Daniel Palmer

Fujitsu Laboratories has unveiled digital identity tech that scores users' reliability to increase the security of online transactions.

Snowden: ‘The Most Important Thing Bitcoin Is Missing Right Now Is Privacy’

| Diana Aguilar

Snowden used bitcoin to buy encrypted services to talk with journalists in 2013.

Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency: A Technical Deep Dive

| Christine Kim and Ian Allison

Technical details of Facebook's Libra blockchain were published Tuesday in a white paper by the Libra Foundation. Here's what stands out.

Tendermint Says Last Month’s Cosmos Vulnerability Exposed Security Loophole

| Christine Kim

Tendermint, the firm behind the core technology of Cosmos, has released a full disclosure about a past vulnerability in the Cosmos SDK.

‘It Feels Like Family’: Bitcoiners Gather for Security Conference in Amsterdam

| Leigh Cuen

For Breaking Bitcoin 2019, technologists gathered in Amsterdam to explore the future of bitcoin.

Michael Ford Named Newest Bitcoin Core Code Maintainer

| Alyssa Hertig

Long-time Bitcoin Core contributor Michael Ford has been named the newest maintainer of the open-source software project.

Bitcoin’s First Public Mining Pool Is Rebranding

| Alyssa Hertig

The company behind Slush Pool, the first cryptocurrency mining pool to make its services publicly available, is rebranding.

Maxwell, Wuille Co-Author Proposal for a Big Boost to Bitcoin’s Bandwidth

| Alyssa Hertig

A new paper outlines a proposed protocol that seeks to boost the bandwidth for bitcoin nodes.

Researcher Discovers Serious Vulnerability in Paper Crypto Wallet Site

| John Biggs

If you have cryptocurrency in a paper wallet from you'd best pull it off.