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Alabama: The Unlikely Frontline for America’s Crypto Fraud Crackdown

| Brady Dale

Alabama's securities agency has led the way on enforcement against ICO fraudsters, using investigation techniques pioneered chasing gun runners.

Police Arrest 8 Over Alleged $68 Million Crypto Pyramid Scheme in Japan

| Yogita Khatri

Police in Tokyo have arrested eight men alleged to have run a cryptocurrency pyramid scheme that amassed about $68.70 million.

Official Google Account Hacked in Latest Twitter Crypto Scam

| Yogita Khatri

An official, verified Twitter account owned by Google has become the latest to be hacked to host a crypto "giveaway" scam.

Fake News Site Used New Zealand Prime Minister to Pump Bitcoin Startup

| Wolfie Zhao

A fake news site used images of New Zealand's prime minister in sponsored posts on Facebook to promote a bitcoin firm.

Belgian Government Issues Cryptocurrency Fraud Warning

| Anna Baydakova

Belgium's top financial regulator has issued a new warning about cryptocurrency scams.


Kaspersky: Cryptocurrency Scammers Stole $2.3 Million in Q2

| Anna Baydakova

Cybercriminals earned more than $2.3 million from cryptocurrency scams during the second quarter of 2018, a new study reports.

Crypto Millionaire Lost 5,500 Bitcoins in Alleged Investment Scam

| Wolfie Zhao

A 22-year-old cryptocurrency millionaire has lost more than 5,500 bitcoins in an alleged investment scam in Thailand.

Researchers Discover Huge Crypto Scam Botnet on Twitter

| Daniel Palmer

Researchers have uncovered a large botnet that mimics legitimate accounts on Twitter to spread a cryptocurrency "giveaway" scam.

fish hooks phishing

Google Yanked MetaMask From the Chrome Store, Left a Phishing Scam Up

| David Floyd

Scams are an epidemic in the crypto space, and clumsy actions by big tech companies can open up the opportunities, as MetaMask learned recently.

pied piper coin

Is Pied Piper Serious? How HBO Inspired Crypto’s Most Confounding Coin

| David Floyd

What began as a parody quickly became a coin. Soon it might – might – become its own blockchain. What is happening?