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Russia Wants to Be Able to Seize Cybercriminals’ Bitcoin

| William Foxley

Russian regulators will begin developing proposals for legislation allowing confiscation of crypto assets seized in crime investigations.

Russian Aluminum Plant Pivots to Bitcoin Mining Following US Sanctions

| William Foxley

Metal giant Rusal is renting its facilities to the Russian Mining Corporation following 2018 U.S. sanctions.

Binance CEO: ‘Russia Is Our Key Market’

| Anna Baydakova

Fans mobbed Binance's CEO like a rock star on his recent visit to Moscow. The warm feelings are mutual, with a big Russian expansion in the works.

Final Russian Nuclear Scientist Sentenced Over Illicit Crypto Mining

| William Foxley

The last of three Russian scientists caught illegally mining bitcoin at a top-secret nuclear lab has been given a prison sentence.

Russian Central Bank Chief: ‘No Obvious Need’ for National Cryptocurrency

| Daniel Palmer

Russia's central bank sees no strong reason to launch a national cryptocurrency that would override the potential risks, according to its chief.

Russian Nuclear Scientist Gets $7,000 Fine for Mining Bitcoin at Work

| William Foxley

The engineer at a top-secret nuclear lab, along with two colleagues, had accessed the plant's supercomputer to mine bitcoin.

WATCH: Inside a Siberian Crypto Mining Complex

| Anna Baydakova

CoinDesk On Location goes deep inside a Siberian crypto mining factory situated near a remote hydroelectric plant.

For Desperate Mt Gox Victims, Long-Shot Bitcoin Deal Beats Endless Wait

| Anna Baydakova

Some Mt. Gox creditors have signed on to a law firm’s unorthodox proposal to recover their bitcoin, but many are skeptical about its motives. 

Russia’s Largest Bank Buys $15 Million in Debt Using Hyperledger Blockchain

| Anna Baydakova

Sberbank, Russia's largest bank, bought about $15 million worth of accounts receivable from commodity giant Trafigura using a Hyperledger blockchain.

Bitcoin Mining Farms Are Flourishing on the Ruins of Soviet Industry in Siberia

| Anna Baydakova

Favorable energy prices and a naturally cold climate are turning Siberia into an international hub for bitcoin miners.