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RIF Launches ‘Layer 3’ Network to Scale Bitcoin-Based Smart Contracts, Tokens

| Marc Hochstein

RIF Labs, which built the RSK sidechain for tokens and smart contracts on top of bitcoin, has launched a "third layer" to help scale this technology.

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Bitcoin Smart Contract Startup RSK Unveils New Infrastructure Project

| Christine Kim

RSK Labs is operating under a new banner, with an emphasis on creating a range of open-source protocols for blockchain infrastructure.

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Sidechains Are Bringing ICOs to Bitcoin And That Might Change Crypto Funding

| Christine Kim

By the end of the year, an initial coin offering will be launched on bitcoin. thanks to sidechains tech.

First Bitcoin Smart Contracts Sidechain Now Secured By 1 in 10 Miners

| Alyssa Hertig

From miner adoption to a lightning-like network to new partners, RSK, which developed the bitcoin smart contracts sidechain, is building momentum.

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RSK Beta Brings Ethereum-Style Smart Contracts Closer to Bitcoin

| Alyssa Hertig

RSK, a much-anticipated project designed to boost bitcoin's functionality, took a step toward becoming real Tuesday with a beta launch.

RSK Raises $3.5 Million, Launches Bitcoin Smart Contract Testnet

| Amy Castor

RSK Labs has received $3.5m in pre-Series A funding and opened up its production testnet to the public.

Bitcoin Mining Pool Backs Rootstock Smart Contracts Effort

| Michael del Castillo

For the first time, a bitcoin mining pool has integrated a process called 'merge-mining' – a move aimed to bring smart contracts to the bitcoin…