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Monarch Unveils a Marketplace and Crypto Trading Platform

| Daniel Kuhn

Monarch aims to streamline the crypto industry by offering a suite of services while supporting 1,900 different currencies.

Even at $30, Bitcoin Was More Exciting Than Poker

| Bailey Reutzel

Josh Rossi describes festive nights of playing poker with a who's who of the early bitcoin scene.

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Blockchain Fund Launches With $22 Million Round Backed By Roger Ver

| Yogita Khatri

Switzerland-based Pangea Blockchain Fund is launching after closing a $22 million seed round backed by crypto investor Roger Ver.

There’s a New Bitcoin Core in Town – And It’s Out to Troll Bitcoin Cash

| Alyssa Hertig

Troll cryptocurrency Bitcoin Core is the next step of bitcoin's ongoing naming wars.

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Bitcoin Cash Is Bitcoin? Lawsuits Won’t Stop the Fight Over Bitcoin’s Name

| David Floyd

Roger Ver's decision to call bitcoin cash "bitcoin" has dredged up a byzantine debate on how exactly the software should be defined and by whom.

Gambling on a Hard Fork: Will Roger Ver Take up a High-Stakes Bitcoin Wager?

| Amy Castor

Will controversial bitcoin investor Roger Ver take this high-stakes wager on a possible hard fork now there's a technical solution?

CoinDesk Launches Bitcoin Essay Series With Author Brian Patrick Eha

| CoinDesk

CoinDesk is excited to announce a new series in which notable individuals look back on some of the biggest moments in bitcoin's near 10-year history.

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The Gold Rush Begins: The Day Bitcoin Topped the US Dollar

| Roger Ver

Launching our new 'Milestones' series, investor Roger Ver recalls his discovery of bitcoin and his thrill when its price first topped the US dollar.

CoinDesk Explainer: The Bitcoin Unlimited Debate

| Alyssa Hertig

The controversial alternative to Bitcoin Core has drifted to the heart of bitcoin's raging scaling debate over the past year, but why?

Bitcoin Investor Roger Ver to Push for OKCoin Liquidation in Court

| Stan Higgins

Bitcoin investor Roger Ver’s legal fight against Chinese bitcoin exchange OKCoin is intensifying as he pushes for the firm to be liquidated.