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Former ATM Maker Robocoin Ends Bitcoin Services

| Stan Higgins

Romit, the remittance service that began as bitcoin ATM developer Robocoin, has said that it is shutting down its bitcoin services.


Robocoin Faces Lawsuit Over Bitcoin ATM Refund

| Grace Caffyn

Embattled bitcoin ATM maker Robocoin is facing yet another upset, this time in the form of a customer lawsuit.


Robocoin Eases Onboarding Process with Online Verification

| Yessi Bello Perez

Robocoin has simplified the registration process for new users of its ATMs, enabling them to first create an account online before ever visiting…


Bitcoin ATM Maker Robocoin Hints at Software Shift

| Pete Rizzo

Robocoin CEO Jordan Kelley has addressed rumors about the company's future, suggesting the company may be shifting away from hardware.

Robocoin Operator Hacks ATM to Run Lamassu Software

| Joon Ian Wong

A former Robocoin ATM operator in the UK has hacked his machines to run on software from rival manufacturer Lamassu.

robocoin atm protest

Robocoin Policy Change Ignites Fears Over Centralisation

| Pete Rizzo

Robocoin bitcoin ATM operators are split over the company's decision to require all customers to provide personal information.

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Robocoin Now Requires All ATM Operators to Collect Customer Information

| Pete Rizzo

Robocoin has issued a mandate to its bitcoin ATM owners, insisting they follow KYC standards or sell their machines.

Madrid - Spanish Hotel Chain Celebrates Installation of Robocoin ATM

Spanish Hotel Chain Kicks Off Bitcoin ATM Launch With Cocktail Party

| Emily Spaven

A Spanish hotel chain launched a bitcoin ATM last night at a party attended by over 100 people.


Robocoin Customers Report Trail of Late Deliveries After Reddit Exposé

| Joon Ian Wong

A dissatisfied customer's public complaints about Robocoin's product and service has revealed similar problems from other customers.


Robocoin Launches Custom Bitcoin Wallet Targeting Underbanked

| Pete Rizzo

Robocoin has introduced a digital wallet for users of its bitcoin ATMs, as development of its platform continues.