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Russian Firm Will Reward Staff With Crypto Tokens Tied to Profits

| Anna Baydakova

The blockchain subsidiary of the Russian e-payments firm Qiwi plans to incentivize staff by giving them tokens tied to the firm's net profits.

American Express Eyes Blockchain for Customer Rewards System

| Nikhilesh De

New patent filings from American Express suggest the credit card provider is looking at blockchain as part of a consumer rewards system.

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Cryptocurrency: How We Hook the Masses

| Richard Svinkin

Could cryptocurrency rewards demonstrate the value of the technology and ultimately help bring mass adoption? Jaywalk CEO Rich Svinkin believes so.

Hitachi Tests Private Blockchain for Rewards Points

| Pete Rizzo

Japan's Hitachi is working on a new blockchain test, one that explores how the tech could power its rewards points program.

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When or If? Deloitte Study Explores Blockchain Loyalty Programs

| Stan Higgins

A new report from Deloitte explores the application of blockchain to loyalty rewards programs.


Royal Bank of Canada Expands Blockchain Testing Beyond Loyalty

| Pete Rizzo

Royal Bank of Canada's innovation lead discusses why the bank believes blockchain isn't overhyped, even given all the recent hype.


Bitcoin and Credit Cards Can Co-Exist, CardLinx CEO Says

| Pete Rizzo

CoinDesk speaks to CardLinx Association CEO Silvio Taveres about the challenges he sees for bitcoin and the blockchain in payments.

Market Research Giant Qualtrics Adds Bitcoin Reward Option

| Pete Rizzo

Consumers who take online surveys through Qualtrics can now choose to redeem their rewards in bitcoin.


Microsoft’s Bing Launches Bitcoin Rewards Sweepstakes

| Stan Higgins

A new partnership between Bing Rewards and startup Tango Card will let users of the search engine receive rewards in bitcoin.

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Can Bitcoin Change Wi-Fi For the Better?

| Pete Rizzo

We take a look at the companies hoping to increase the ease of WiFi access with bitcoin micropayments.