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Brazilian Financial Authorities Announce Regulatory Sandbox For Blockchain

| Diana Aguilar

“This initiative is an answer to great transformation”, the regulators said.

Stonewalled by FINRA, Up to 40 Crypto Securities Wait in Limbo for Launch

| Nikhilesh De

Wall Street watchdog FINRA has sat for as long as 12 months on roughly 40 broker-dealer applications by blockchain startups.

Korean Crypto Exchanges Update Terms to Accept Liability for Hacks

| Daniel Palmer

Five South Korean crypto exchanges have been forced to update their terms and conditions to accept liability for potential hacks and service issues.

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G20 Reaffirms It Will Apply Expected Tough New FATF Rules on Crypto

| Daniel Palmer

The G20 has reaffirmed it will apply standards to counter money laundering and terrorism funding, soon to be finalized by the Financial Action Task…

Malta Needs to Up Its AML Game As Crypto Sector Grows, Says EU

| Daniel Palmer

Malta should increase its anti-money laundering policing to match the growth in financial and crypto services, according to the EU.

Japan’s Crypto Traders May Face Closer Scrutiny Over Tax Avoidance

| Daniel Palmer

Japanese tax authorities are said to be planning to take action on the under-reporting of cryptocurrency-based profits.


Mexico Is Getting Eight New Cryptocurrency Exchanges

| Diana Aguilar

Fintech firm Amero-Isatek will offer cash-to-crypto exchanges in eight Mexican states

Bundesbank Chief Warns on Risks of Central Bank Digital Currencies

| Benedict Alibasa

The head of Germany's central bank has said central bank digital currencies could destabilize financial systems and worsen bank runs.

Japan Hardens Rules for Cryptocurrency Storage and Trading

| John Biggs

The Japanese government is creating new – and potentially expensive – rules for all cryptocurrency companies.

Australian Securities Watchdog Updates Guidance on ICOs and Crypto Assets

| Yogita Khatri

ASIC, the Australian securities regulator, has updated its guidance for businesses involved with initial coin offerings and crypto assets.