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Regulated Trader Templum Hosts Security Token Sale for Luxury Resort

| Nikhilesh De

Token trading platform Templum Markets has launched a sale of a token allowing accredited investors to buy shares in a popular Colorado resort. 

China’s Crypto Millionaires Are Using Bitcoin to Buy Real Estate Abroad

| Wolfie Zhao and Leigh Cuen

Bitcoin is flowing out of China, into California mansions – and changing global real estate patterns.

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How Hodl Hodl Is Building a Real Business With Bitcoin Smart Contracts

| Leigh Cuen

In an era where many startups are taking more complex transactions to other blockchains, Hodl Hodl is focused on making them work on bitcoin.

AlphaPoint Launches Framework for Real Estate Blockchain Tokens

| Brady Dale

Alphapoint and Muirfield Investments announce partnership to securitize property on the blockchain with a new token standard with built-in compliance.

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Real Estate ICOs Are Moving In, But Investors Aren’t Floored

| Brady Dale

A new rush of entrepreneurs, this time armed with crypto tokens, think they can reinvent real estate for more efficient equity investment.

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Dubai Land Department Launches Blockchain Real Estate Initiative

| Marc Hochstein

The Dubai Land Department is framing a new real estate blockchain as a way to build investor confidence and add conveniences for tenants.

Sweden’s Blockchain Land Registry to Begin Testing in March

| Pete Rizzo

A group working to bring a blockchain land registry to Sweden has announced new updates.

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Blockchain for Mortgages: Compelling, But Premature?

| George Yacik

If there's an area that cries out for the efficiencies of blockchain, it's the mortgage industry. But are institutions ready for such major change?

ABN Amro Tests Blockchain for Real Estate Transactions

| Stan Higgins

ABN Amro has begun a new blockchain pilot focused on real estate transactions.

Dutch City Trials Blockchain for Real Estate Contracts

| Stan Higgins

Deloitte’s Netherlands branch is working with the city of Rotterdam to create a prototype for recording lease contracts on a blockchain.