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Quebec Weighs Plan to Sell 500 Megawatts to Crypto Miners

| Muyao Shen

Hydro-Quebec has submitted to the Quebec government the main guidance to select crypto companies to work with.

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Quebec’s Chief Scientist Denies Dismissing Crypto Concerns

| Annaliese Milano

Reports this week erroneously suggested that Quebec's Chief Scientist dismissed concerns about the illicit usage of bitcoin, his office said.

Quebec Pushes Hydropower Utility to Halt New Bitcoin Mines

| Nikhilesh De and Annaliese Milano

Quebec is temporarily suspending new cryptomining operations from setting up facilities in its low-cost power region.

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‘Hundreds’ of Crypto Miners Said to Be Descending on Quebec

| Annaliese Milano

Hydro-Quebec may charge an industry-specific rate to crypto mining farms to deal with overwhelming demand for Quebec's cheap energy resources.


Quebec Lures Cryptocurrency Miners as China Sours on Industry

| Aaron Stanley

Cheap and abundant electricity, cold weather and a stable political climate are making the Canadian province attractive to bitcoin mining operators.

Canada Court Holds ICO Organizer in Contempt

| Stan Higgins

A Canadian court ruled against the organizer of an ICO after it was alleged that they repeatedly violated orders to cease soliciting investors.

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ICO Ban? Canada’s Regulators Are Giving One Token Sale a Big Break

| Aaron Stanley

An ICO startup has been accepted into Quebec's regulatory sandbox, demonstrating how regulators there want to accommodate the burgeoning industry.