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Survey: 3% of Consumers Would Switch Retailers for Bitcoin

| Stan Higgins

A survey of US consumers suggests that at least some may be willing to start shopping with a specific retailer if they started accepting bitcoin.

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Study: Google Searches Can Predict Bitcoin Trading Volume

| Grace Caffyn

Google search data can predict the price of bitcoin, new research has found.

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Bitcoin’s Biggest Question Isn’t Ease of Use, It’s ‘Why Use it?’

| Pete Rizzo

When asked why bitcoin hasn't taken off as an online cash, Pete Rizzo argues it's become conventional wisdom to blame ease of use as the issue.


PwC: Cryptocurrencies Will Create Technology-Driven Markets

| Grace Caffyn

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin will usher in a new wave of 'technology-driven markets', a new report from PwC has claimed.

New Bitcoin Poll Shows Bubble Fears Among Investors

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

A new Bloomberg poll has shed more light on the state of bitcoin and its perception among financial professionals.

Is Bitcoin Over the Hill?

| Danny Bradbury

The technology industry can be a fickle business. Research firm Gartner has a name for it: 'the hype cycle'.

Survey Results: 59% of Merchants Accept Bitcoin to Boost Ecosystem

| Pete Rizzo

In the first of a three-part series, we profile exactly who is accepting digital currencies like bitcoin, and why.


Poll: Vast Majority in US Would Rather Invest in Gold than Bitcoin

| Daniel Cawrey

Although almost half of Americans know what bitcoin is, only 13% would choose it over gold as an investment.


Bitcoin ‘Shopping List’ Aims to Raise High Street Awareness

| Daniel Palmer

A new survey reveals that low awareness of bitcoin’s advantages is rife. Can a price index in BTC help?

Mt. Gox survey results withdrawal delays

68% of Mt. Gox Users Still Awaiting Their Funds, Survey Reveals

| Joon Ian Wong

A poll of nearly 3,000 readers revealed that customers have experienced long delays in bitcoin and fiat withdrawals.