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Australian State Eyes Blockchain Upgrade for Property Transactions

| Yogita Khatri

The New South Wales state government is trialing blockchain tech from ChromaWay as part of a bid to digitize property conveyance by next summer.

New Patent Eyes Blockchain Timestamping for Property Contracts

| Wolfie Zhao

A major real estate brokerage in China is exploring how to provide definitive proof of a contract's time of signature using blockchain tech.

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Real Estate ICOs Are Moving In, But Investors Aren’t Floored

| Brady Dale

A new rush of entrepreneurs, this time armed with crypto tokens, think they can reinvent real estate for more efficient equity investment.

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I’ll Give You My Bitcoin When You Pry It From My Cold, Dead Hands

| Marc Hochstein

Unlike money in the bank, cryptocurrency can't be unilaterally seized by governments, clawing back a modicum of power for the individual.

Russia’s Government to Test Blockchain Land Registry System

| Nikhilesh De

The Russian Federation is launching a blockchain land-registration pilot project in 2018, according to the Ministry of Economic Development.

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Perkins Coie: The UCC and Bitcoins – Solution to Existing Fatal Flaw

| Perkins Coie

Law firm Perkins Coie examines why bitcoins might be subject to security interests that reduce their value, and if this can be resolved.

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Cai-Capital Opens Up UK Property to Foreign Cryptocurrency Investors

| Daniel Palmer

The company is offering international investors the chance to buy UK properties with an extensive range of digital currencies.

Canadian Realtor Accepts Bitcoin Deposits for Residential Properties

| Danny Bradbury

Canadian realtor Quantum Properties is the latest real estate company to begin accepting bitcoin.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Man Uses Bitcoin to Buy a Piece of Paradise in Nicaragua

| Kadhim Shubber

Gregory Simon left his job as a banker, moved to Nicaragua and bought a plot of land with bitcoin.

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New York Property Firm Offers Steep Discount For Bitcoin Payments

| Joon Ian Wong

New York property search firm RentHop offers a steep discount for adverts paid for in bitcoin.