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Yes, You May Need a Blockchain

| Balaji Srinivasan

While scaling challenges abound, it's clear public blockchains offer something quite different to traditional databases, says Balaji S. Srinivasan.

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Tobacco Giant Philip Morris Is Building a Different Kind of ‘Public’ Blockchain

| Ian Allison

Tobacco giant Philip Morris is working on a "public blockchain," an executive said, though not quite in the commonly understood sense.

Road to Consensus with Kadena’s Will Martino: Who Needs Private Blockchain?

| Nolan Bauerle

World Bank Bond Blockchain Offers Key Insights

| Michael J Casey

Is it time to rethink private blockchains? The World Bank's "blockchain bond" success has reinvigorated that question.

The Public-Private Blockchain Singularity May Be Close At Hand

| Marc Hochstein

A year ago, enterprise blockchain and cryptocurrency were essentially separate industries. Now come signs that these camps might be slowly converging.

Insurance Giant Allianz Is Testing a Token to Move Money Internally

| Ian Allison

Allianz is testing a blockchain token to move money between its global affiliates.

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Where Have All the Private Blockchains Gone?

| Gideon Greenspan

What's next for private blockchains? More iteration, improvement – and adoption, argues developer Gideon Greenspan.

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It’s Time for Governments to Embrace Blockchain

| Marie Wieck

Governments haven't typically been thought of as early blockchain adopters. That could soon change, writes IBM's Marie Wieck.

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MultiChain 1.0: Bitcoin-Compatible Private Blockchain Opens for Enterprise

| Michael del Castillo

Coin Sciences has announced the production-ready version of its long-in-development private blockchain offering, MultiChain.

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The Blockchain Immutability Myth

| Gideon Greenspan

MultiChain's Gideon Greenspan offers his latest insight into blockchain design, this time attacking the idea blockchains can truly be immutable.