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US Lawmakers to Discuss Facebook Libra on Swiss Visit: Report

| Daniel Palmer

Congresswoman Maxine Waters and other U.S. lawmakers will discuss Facebook's crypto project with the Swiss data privacy chief this week.

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Global Regulators Warn on Privacy Risks of Facebook’s Libra

| Daniel Palmer

Data protection chiefs from across the globe have united to express concerns over the privacy risks posed by Facebook's cryptocurrency project.

Facebook Libra Hasn’t Responded to Information Request: Swiss Watchdog

| Daniel Palmer

Facebook hasn't responded to a request by Switzerland’s data privacy regulator for more details on Libra, despite the project being based in Geneva.

Top Republican Touts Blockchain Privacy as Alternative to Regulating Big Tech

| Daniel Palmer

U.S. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy has argued for the use of blockchain networks in protecting users' data from "exploitation."

Why Ethereum’s Privacy Matters and What’s Being Built to Support It

| Christine Kim

With the goal of boosting adoption, these four projects are building tools that advance privacy on ethereum.

Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency: A Technical Deep Dive

| Christine Kim and Ian Allison

Technical details of Facebook's Libra blockchain were published Tuesday in a white paper by the Libra Foundation. Here's what stands out.

Enigma Launches Second Testnet for ‘Secret Contract’ Blockchain

| Christine Kim

Ethereum developers can now start coding specialized smart contracts called "secret contracts" that leverage the Enigma protocol for data privacy.

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100 Bitcoin Users Perform What Might Be Largest ‘CoinJoin’ Transaction Ever

| Alyssa Hertig

The startup behind the privacy-centric bitcoin app Wasabi Wallet recently brought together 100 people to collectively execute a "CoinJoin"…

Samourai, Nodl to Launch Bitcoin Lightning Node With Mixing Features

| Leigh Cuen

A new hardware partnership is helping the team behind Samourai Wallet extend their obsession with privacy to the world of bitcoin nodes.

Samourai Wallet Raises First Funding Round in Fight Against Bitcoin Surveillance

| Brady Dale

The team behind the privacy-centric Samourai Wallet has received a $100,000 investment to expand its offerings.