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ASX Says Yes: Stock Market to Settle Trades with DLT

| Michael del Castillo

After months of testing and deliberation, ASX has confirmed that it will replace its CHESS post-trade system with DLT developed by Digital Asset.

European Banks Launch DLT Startup for Small Businesses

| Wolfie Zhao

A group of European financial institutions has jointly formed a post-trade blockchain startup designed specifically for SMEs.

China’s Best-Funded Blockchain Startup is Rebranding for Expansion

| Stan Higgins

One of China’s top-funded blockchain startups, Juzhen Financials, is rebranding to reflect its planned expansion into new industries.

Blockchain Startup Inks Deal With FX Giant Citadel Securities

| Stan Higgins

A major securities market maker is linking up with a blockchain startup focused on post-trade currency settlement.

Crédit Agricole Subsidiary Joins Blockchain Post-Trade Pilot

| Stan Higgins

The asset servicer for Crédit Agricole has joined an ongoing blockchain pilot focused on post-trade services for small businesses.

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Post-Trade Giant NSD: Blockchain ‘Useless’ If Not Legally Binding

| Pete Rizzo

The NSD's director of innovation, Artem Duvanov, says blockchains are only useful when recording legally binding information.

Blockchain is 5 Years From Mainstream, Post-Trade Consortium Members Say

| Stan Higgins

Members of the Post-Trade Distributed Ledger Group see a multi-year adoption timeline for the technology, according to a new survey.

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$11 Trillion Bet: DTCC to Process Derivatives With Blockchain Tech

| Michael del Castillo

The DTCC is moving $11tn-worth of derivatives transactions to a blockchain, thanks to a deal with IBM, R3CEV and Axoni.

deutsche bank

Deutsche Bank: Capital Markets Expect Blockchain Impact Within 6 Years

| Pete Rizzo

Three out of four capital markets participants believe distributed ledger tech will see widespread use within the next six years.

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Nasdaq Sees Low Hanging Fruit in Blockchain Post-Trade

| Sid Kalla

Stock exchange giant Nasdaq discussed its vision for blockchain post-trade at an event in the UK last week.