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Abra to Add Cash-to-Crypto Outlets at All Philippines 7-Elevens

| Daniel Palmer

Investment app provider Abra is to sell cryptocurrency for cash at 6,000 outlets across the Philippines, including all 7-Eleven stores.

Philippines’ UnionBank Launches Stablecoin, Conducts Country’s First Bank Blockchain Transaction

| William Foxley

The group ran its first transaction between three rural banks in an effort to improve its remittance offerings.

Philippines Central Bank Warns on Risks of Growing Cryptocurrency Use

| Benedict Alibasa

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas will continue to regulate cryptocurrency use in the country, senior officials have said.

Western Union Integrates With Crypto Wallet to Expand Philippines Remittances

| Daniel Palmer

The money transfer giant has teamed up with blockchain startup to enable residents of the Philippines to directly receive cash remittances.

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Where the Future of Crypto Payments Is Being Built

| Leah Callon-Butler

The Philippines may not be the crypto capital of the world – but it may be where infrastructure building runs the deepest.

Philippines Regulators Prepare to Publish Crypto Trading Rules

| Anna Baydakova

The Philippines SEC is planning to release new trading rules for cryptocurrency exchanges in the coming days.

Philippines’ Proposed ICO Rules Presume All Tokens Are Securities

| Wolfie Zhao

The Philippines is close to introducing new regulations governing how companies can legally raise funds through initial coin offerings.

Philippines Regulator Aims to Make $67 Million From Crypto Exchange Licensing

| Wolfie Zhao

The authority that governs a special economic zone in the Philippines plans to reap $67 million by issuing crypto exchange licenses. 

AlipayHK Opens Blockchain Remittance Corridor to the Philippines

| Wolfie Zhao

The payment affiliate of China's e-commerce giant Alibaba has launched a blockchain-based remittance service between Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Rural Banks Tap Kaleido Blockchain for Faster Transactions

| Wolfie Zhao

Rural banks in the Philippines are looking to adopt ConsenSys' Kaleido blockchain platform in bid to boost financial inclusion.