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Sexual Misconduct Allegations Emerge Against Bitcoin Coder Peter Todd

| Leigh Cuen

New court filings have accused former Bitcoin Core contributor Peter Todd of sexual misconduct.

Who Broke the SHA1 Algorithm (And What Does It Mean for Bitcoin)?

| Corin Faife

The SHA1 encryption algorithm was recently 'broken' by researchers at Google and CWI Amsterdam. Should the bitcoin world worry?

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Zcash and the Art of Security Theater

| Michael del Castillo

As bitcoin core developer Peter Todd published his role in helping create the Zcash cryptocurrency doubt is cast on the system's "trustless setup."


MIT Responds to Bitcoin Developer Concerns Over ‘ChainAnchor’

| Pete Rizzo

A blockchain project being developed by MIT researchers gained new attention this week following criticism of its alleged design elements.

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Bitcoin Node Numbers Fall After Spam Transaction ‘Attack’

| Grace Caffyn

The number of reachable nodes has declined further following an 'attack' that overloaded the bitcoin network.

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Report Highlights ‘Areas of Concern’ in Ripple Protocol Design

| Pete Rizzo

A report commissioned by secretive consulting group R3CEV and authored by bitcoin developer Peter Todd has raised questions about Ripple's technology.

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Chainalysis CEO Denies ‘Sybil Attack’ on Bitcoin’s Network

| Grace Caffyn

Chainalysis was forced to defend itself after allegations its surveillance tactics had disrupted services and threatened the privacy of bitcoin users.

Peter Todd speaks to ZapChain

Video: Core Developer Peter Todd on Bitcoin’s Future

| Daniel Cawrey

Core developer Peter Todd discusses how centralisation, regulation and scalability will shape bitcoin's future.

Peter Todd Joins Viacoin Development Team as Chief Scientist

| Stan Higgins

Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd will focus on 'treechains', the Bitcoin 2.0 technology concept he invented.

Coinkite Taps Bitcoin Developer Peter Todd For Advisory Role

| Stan Higgins

Todd will serve as an advisor to Coinkite as the company expands and evolves its business model.