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The Elk Is a Tiny Prototyping Board for Building Blockchain-Connected Devices

| John Biggs

Elk aims to make it easy to connect hardware devices to blockchains and control electronic components or accept payments.

Securitize Open-Sources Its Protocol, Partners With tZERO Token Exchange

| Anna Baydakova

Securitize has partnered with Overstock subsidiary tZERO as it open-sources the code behind its in-house protocol.

Status Launches a ‘Tap-to-Pay’ Crypto Hardware Wallet

| Christine Kim

Ethereum startup Status has just announced a brand new cryptocurrency hardware wallet the size of your credit card.

Casa’s Lightning-Enabled Bitcoin Node Just Got a Browser Extension

| Christine Kim

Cryptocurrency custody startup Casa has launched a browser extension for direct control of its lightning network-enabled bitcoin node. 

Amber Baldet: Don’t Force Public Blockchains ‘Down Enterprises’ Throats’

| Ian Allison

Until there are well-designed privacy features for enterprise applications on public chains, it's premature for firms to use them, says Amber Baldet.

Payments Startup Square Is Open-Sourcing Its Bitcoin Storage Solution

| Wolfie Zhao

Mobile payments startup Square has open-sourced the code and tools for its "Subzero" bitcoin cold storage system.

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Open-Sources Its Security Scaling Tool

| Daniel Palmer

U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is making a recently developed security scaling tool available to the public.

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Meet the Dapp Market: A Twist On Open Source Is Winning Developers

| David Floyd

Two ethereum-based bounty marketplaces are beginning to take off, and are hoping to take the decentralized application (dapp) space with them.

Why Leading Crypto Devs Don’t Work In Silicon Valley

| Leigh Cuen

A recent back-and-forth between Coinbase and a bitcoin developer shows there's still a big gap between the industry and the open-source community.

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Deloitte Report: Over 26,000 Blockchain Projects Began in 2016

| Stan Higgins

More than 26,000 new projects related to blockchain were created on code repository GitHub last year, according to data collected by Deloitte.