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BTER Unable to Repay Customers Following Alleged Exchange Heist

| Grace Caffyn

Defunct cryptocurrency exchange BTER claims it doesn't have enough funds to reimburse all its users, following an alleged $1.75m hack.

SmartContract CEO Sergey Nazarov

New Blockchain Startup Brings Contracts into the Digital Age

| Daniel Cawrey

SmartContract is harnessing blockchain technology to create customisable contractual agreements that can be used by experts and newcomers alike.

Crypto 2.0 Roundup: Counterparty Debuts Multisig, Ethereum’s Crowdsale and Comedians Go Crypto

| Alex Brokaw

CoinDesk rounds up the most recent news in bitcoin 2.0 to illustrate how the sector is moving bitcoin forward.

Crypto 2.0 Roundup: Bitcoin’s Revolution Moves Beyond Currency

| Alex Brokaw

CoinDesk explores the startups seeking to apply distributed ledger technology to the world beyond currency.

Hackers Steal $1.65 Million in NXT from BTER Exchange

| Pete Rizzo

Around $1.65m in NXT has been stolen from cryptocurrency exchange BTER, the company has revealed.

Could This Holy Bitcoin Trinity Revive Colored Coins?

| Danny Bradbury

Coinprism, Iridis, and ChromaWallet want to rekindle interest in colored coins, a year after it fizzled. Can they?

Decentralized Applications to Offer More Than Just Bitcoin Transactions

| Daniel Cawrey

The Bitcoin protocol's more forward-thinking implications were the subject of CoinSummit's decentralized application panel on 25th March.

Fledgling Altcoin NXT Now Listed on BTER Exchange

| Danny Bradbury

New altcoin NXT uses 100% proof of stake - and plans many other new features.