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Maxwell, Wuille Co-Author Proposal for a Big Boost to Bitcoin’s Bandwidth

| Alyssa Hertig

A new paper outlines a proposed protocol that seeks to boost the bandwidth for bitcoin nodes.

Tor Makes Launching Bitcoin Lightning Nodes Easier for Users, Casa Finds

| Alyssa Hertig

Casa CTO Jameson Lopp explained how Tor leapfrogs some of the thorny networking hurdles that come with setting up a node.

Casa’s Lightning-Enabled Bitcoin Node Just Got a Browser Extension

| Christine Kim

Cryptocurrency custody startup Casa has launched a browser extension for direct control of its lightning network-enabled bitcoin node. 

Bitcoin Veteran Jameson Lopp Named CTO of Crypto Startup Casa

| Leigh Cuen

Casa has boosted Jameson Lopp to CTO eight months after he joined the crypto custody solutions startup as an infrastructure engineer.

Sony Patent Filings Hint at Work on Crypto Mining Hardware

| Madeline Meng Shi

Japanese technology giant Sony wants to patent two approaches to hosting and maintaining blockchains, newly published documents show.

OFAC’s Bitcoin Blacklist Could Change Crypto

| Andrew Hinkes and Joe Ciccolo

With just one paragraph, an agency of the U.S. government may have just radically altered the dynamics of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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Bitcoin’s Next Year in Tech Is Coming Into Focus

| Alyssa Hertig

At a recent annual meeting in New York, bitcoin's volunteer developer discussed their tech priorities for the year ahead.

Arizona’s Blockchain ‘Node Rights’ Law Is Nearing Passage

| Nikhilesh De

Arizona House Bill 2602, which would protect blockchain node operators from local regulations, was approved by two Senate committees.

Crypto Nodes Are One Step Closer to Legal Protection in Arizona

| Nikhilesh De

The Arizona House of Representatives passed a bill protecting blockchain node operators from local restrictions.

Arizona Bill Would Enshrine the Right to Run a Crypto Node

| Stan Higgins

An Arizona lawmaker wants to protect blockchain node operators from possible prohibitions by local and county governments.