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Blockchain Debuts Android Bitcoin Wallet with Merchant Directory

| Pete Rizzo

Blockchain released its latest Android wallet at the North American Bitcoin Conference today.

Bitfin Day Two: We Need More Global, Organised Bitcoin Education

| Emily Spaven

The Dublin conference closed with talks on furthering bitcoin evolution by innovating the education and banking systems.

Blockchain’s Nic Cary: Banks Should Embrace Digital Currency Innovation

| Pete Rizzo

The Atlantic's New York Ideas conference played host to a debate on the future of bitcoin on 6th May.

Blockchain’s Nic Cary on Bitcoin Wallets, Mt. Gox and Decentralization

| Pete Rizzo

Blockchain CEO Nic Cary discusses a wide range of topics from Mt. Gox to his company's March service outage.

Blockchain CEO Nic Cary: Global Stories Highlight Bitcoin’s Value

| Pete Rizzo

Blockchain CEO Nic Cary used personal stories to illustrate bitcoin's disruptive potential at Inside Bitcoins New York.

Rising Stars of Bitcoin Set Ambitious Goals for 2014

| Daniel Cawrey

BitPay, Blockchain, Coinbase and Ripple are thinking big when setting goals for their operations in 2014 and beyond.

Blockchain Restores Services After Outage, Promises ‘Post-Mortem’ Review

| Pete Rizzo

Blockchain experienced a long outage this week, but launched a commendable press push to stem the damage.

New York

Inside Bitcoins NYC Names Circle, Blockchain CEOs as Keynote Speakers

| Pete Rizzo

Inside Bitcoins New York has announced its keynote speakers for this year's conference to be held in April. CEO Nic Cary Donates $10k in Bitcoin to University

| Danny Bradbury Nic Cary has given $10,000 to Puget Sound University.