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Nevada Crypto ATM Operators Now Require Money Transmission License

| William Foxley

Nevada abruptly changed its regulatory stance on cryptocurrency kiosks, alarming many providers. Founder Buys Community Bank to Finance Crypto Dreams

| Daniel Kuhn

Blockchains CEO Jeffrey Berns hopes the bank will fund not only his vision, but the blockchain industry's.

US State of Nevada Passes Flurry of Blockchain Bills

| Daniel Kuhn

Nevada is becoming a blockchain powerhouse as it passes a suite of bills designed to promote blockchain adoption

Blockchain Startup Filament Joins IoT Research Project Backed By Nevada

| Stan Higgins

Filament, a blockchain hardware startup, is now working on the University of Nevada, Reno's autonomous vehicle project.

Nevada’s Utilities Agency Eyes Blockchain for Energy Credit System

| Yogita Khatri

The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada is looking to implement blockchain for its energy credit tracking system.

Nevada Senator: We Want to Be ‘Home Base’ for Blockchain Startups

| Aaron Stanley

A new law in Nevada is paving the way for the US state's broad bid to attract new blockchain startups.

Nevada Becomes First US State to Ban Blockchain Taxes

| Stan Higgins

Nevada has become the first state to ban local governments from taxing blockchain use.

Nevada Lawmakers Send Blockchain Tax Bill to Governor’s Desk

| Stan Higgins

Legislators in Nevada completed work on a bill to block the taxation of blockchain use.

Nevada Senators Unanimously Advance Blockchain Tax Ban

| Stan Higgins

Senators in Nevada have unanimously backed a proposal that would block local authorities from instituting taxes or fees on blockchain use.

Nevada Lawmaker Moves to Block Taxes on Blockchain Transactions

| Stan Higgins

A new bill filed in the Nevada Senate aims to prevent local authorities from imposing fees or taxes on the use of blockchain tech.