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Bitcoin Exchange ANX Adds Features to iOS and Android Apps

| Jon Southurst

Hong Kong-based multi-currency exchange ANX has upgraded its iOS and Android apps with features for traders and consumers.

Trend Micro Report Finds Criminals Unlikely to Abuse Namecoin

| Joon Ian Wong

A namecoin botnet throws up questions about privacy and censorship in alternative domains.

If Digital Currencies Were Popular Technology Companies …

| Tom Sharkey

If bitcoin is the Google of digital currencies, then which altcoin would be Apple?

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BTC-e MetaTrader Now Offers Multi-Currency Accounts

| Jon Southurst

Traders using the popular platform may now hold accounts in any or all of the seven most popular currencies.

How Monegraph Uses the Block Chain to Verify Digital Assets

| Daniel Cawrey

A collaboration between an NYU professor and a technologist has resulted in a new way to secure digital property.

How OneName Makes Bitcoin Payments as Simple as Facebook Sharing

| Pete Rizzo

OneName's developers discuss their open-source approach to simplifying bitcoin payments, and what this means for users.

Vault of Satoshi Rolls Out New Altcoin Support

| Danny Bradbury

Dogecoin, primecoin and namecoin are among the new coins on offer at the Canadian exchange.


Smart Property, Colored Coins and Mastercoin

| Tim Swanson

Cryptoledgers, like those utilized in bitcoin and litecoin, are not merely one-dimensional, one-trick ponies relegated to simple fiat exchanges.

Bitcoin’s Best Competitors: The Top Altcoins of 2013

| Danny Bradbury

Which were the top altcoins of 2013? By market capitalization, here they are.

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10 BTC Reward Offered for Fix of Bitcoin Wallet Bug on Macs

| Daniel Cawrey

Core developers behind bitcoin and litecoin are offering a reward for the solution to a bug plaguing Mac-based systems.