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SBI Holdings Latest Crypto Venture Will See It Make Mining Chips

| Yogita Khatri

Japan's SBI Holdings has teamed with an unnamed “large” semiconductor firm in the U.S. to make crypto mining chips and systems.

Bitmain Set to Deploy $80 Million Worth of Bitcoin Miners, Sources Say

| Wolfie Zhao

Bitmain, the largest manufacturer of crypto mining equipment, is scaling up its capacity to mine bitcoin itself.

Avalon ASIC Chips

Avalon Miner Maker Canaan Raises ‘Hundreds of Millions’ in New Funding

| Wolfie Zhao

Canaan Creative, the maker of Avalon miners, has closed a significant funding round, valuing the firm at over $1 billion, according to a report.

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Ethereum’s ProgPoW Proposal: An Expensive Game of Whack-a-Mole

| Dovey Wan and Martina Long

Ethereum's ProgPoW proposal may appear to minimize the ASIC advantage, but it isn't as democratizing as claimed, argue Dovey Wan and Martina Long.

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Ethereum Block Count Spikes as Difficulty Bomb Diffuses on Schedule

| Christine Kim

Block creation numbers on the ethereum blockchain are back on the rise after a successful roll out of the Constantinople and St. Petersburg hard…

Bitcoin Miners Are Investing Again, Expecting a Cheap Power Boom Soon

| Wolfie Zhao

Bitcoin miners in China are betting that abundant water this summer will make their business profitable again.

Electroneum Launches $80 Smartphone That Rewards Users With Crypto

| Yogita Khatri

Blockchain startup Electroneum has just launched a dirt-cheap Android smartphone that mines cryptocurrency in the cloud.

Validators Create New Attack Vectors for Decentralized Systems

| Pascal Thellman

Bounty0x CMO Pascal Thellman discusses some of the potential security and incentives issues with validators on proof-of-stake networks.

51% Attacks for Rent : The Trouble with a Liquid Mining Market

| Anthony Xie

As the global pool of hashing power grows more liquid, arbitrageurs may see a financial incentive in "rent-a-miner" attacks.

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Sparkpool to Freeze Mysterious 2,100 Ether Mining Payout for Now

| Wolfie Zhao

Mining pool Sparkpool says it's temporarily freezing an unusually high mining payout worth $300,000 in case it was sent in error.