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Human-Trafficking Expert Urges US Congress to Regulate Crypto Miners

| Nikhilesh De

A former U.S. Treasury official urged Congress to regulate cryptocurrency miners in order to fight human trafficking.

All of It Dark, All of It P2P: After the Binance Hack, Bitcoin Doesn’t Cut It

| Amir Taaki

That Binance could have colluded with miners to roll back hack transactions means bitcoin is not resistant enough to censorship, says Amir Taaki.

Bitmain Announces New, More Efficient 7nm Bitcoin Mining Chip

| Daniel Palmer

Bitmain Technologies has announced a new 7nm bitcoin mining processor that it says offers a big boost in energy efficiency.

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How SABRE Tech Can Stop Hackers From Splitting Bitcoin Into Two

| Alyssa Hertig

Hackers could attack bitcoin with a flood of data, but researchers say they have a solution in the form of a relay network called SABRE.

AMD Cites ‘Absence’ of GPU Sales to Crypto Miners in Q1 Estimate

| Nikhilesh De

AMD's revenue from cryptocurrency miners has seemingly gone dry, the company said in its Q4 earnings report.

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This College Freshman Is Out to 51% Attack Your Cryptocurrency

| Brady Dale

A young crypto enthusiast is 51% attacking cryptocurrencies – not to steal coins – but to show people these coins are vulnerable and over-valued.

A Solution to Crypto’s 51% Attack? Fine Miners Before It Happens

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

After losing money during a 51 percent attack earlier this year, crypto project Horizen claims to have a solution to crypto's famed vulnerability.

Coinbase Rolls Out System to Free Up Stuck Bitcoin Payments

| Daniel Palmer

Crypto exchange Coinbase has deployed a system aimed to automatically reduce delays in bitcoin payments arising from transaction fee volatility.

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Before the ‘Bomb’ Hits: Why the Race Is on to Alter Ethereum’s Economics

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

At least six proposals have been recently put forth, all of which could change the economics of the ethereum blockchain if enacted.

$1,999: GMO Reveals Details of Its New 7nm Bitcoin Miner

| Daniel Palmer

Japanese IT giant GMO Internet has revealed prices and specs for its new-from-the-ground-up bitcoin miner – the world's first based on a 7nm chip.