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The Rise of the Cryptocurrency Gift Economy

| Brett Scott

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of bitcoins aren't spent on gambling services or narcotics, but tips and donations.

Chicago Sun-Times Bitcoin Paywall Shows 25 Cents is Sweet Spot

| Pete Rizzo

BitWall and the Chicago Sun-Times have released preliminary metrics from their 1st February bitcoin paywall test.

Chicago Sun-Times bitcoin paywall

Bitcoin Micropayments Get Big Moment as Chicago Sun-Times Paywall Experiment Goes Live

| Pete Rizzo

The Chicago Sun-Times and BitWall have a bitcoin paywall test taking place on 1st February.

Chicago Sun-Times and BitWall to Trial Bitcoin Paywall

| Daniel Cawrey

BitWall is partnering with the Chicago Sun-Times to trial a 24-hour bitcoin paywall on its website next month.

Credit Cards Have Not Evolved With the Internet. Enter Bitcoin.

| Daniel Cawrey

Credit card companies have not evolved with the internet, creating issues that prove how outdated they have become.

Credit cards

Bitcoin’s role in the future of micropayments

| Daniel Cawrey

Could bitcoin hold the answer to the higher fees charged by many companies dealing in microtransactions?

encrypted messaging

Trsst to turn bitcoin addresses into blog IDs for encrypted messaging

| Emily Spaven

Funding is being sought by Trsst – an encrypted messaging platform that uses bitcoin wallet addresses as blog IDs.

US small change

Coinbase implements zero-fee microtransactions off the block chain

| David Gilson

Coinbase, the bitcoin payment processor, has announced that it will begin processing off-block chain microtransactions.

Micropayment tipping system Flattr adds bitcoin support

| David Gilson

Flattr, the content creation micropayment service, has just announced that it will allow users to fund their account with bitcoin.


Bitcoin client Bitcoinj implements bitcoin micropayments

| David Gilson

Bitcoin client Bitcoinj has implemented a fully functioning micropayments channel, which will allow a stream of small-scale payments to be sent.