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WATCH: Our On Tap Meetup in Tokyo United Japanese Blockchain Fans With the Global Makers

| John Biggs

Our first Tokyo meetup, held with our friends at CoinDesk Japan, brought together investors, devs, and crypto lovers.

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Meetup’s Crypto Secret? Scams Are Running Rampant

| Leigh Cuen

Long-running groups using the popular social network are finding that separating education from financial advice isn't as easy as it sounds.

BitPay Project Aims to Do for Networks What Bitcoin Did for Currency

| Daniel Cawrey

BitPay has announced an open-source project called Foxtrot – "simple and secure routing based on bitcoin cryptography".

Enthusiasts and Sceptics Debate Bitcoin at London’s O2 Venue

| Roop Gill

Bitcoin enthusiasts and critics alike discussed security, regulation and entrepreneurship at a panel discussion on Saturday.

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Australian company announces bitcoin scholarship contest

| Jon Southurst

Digital currencies and the future: will bitcoin change the world? Australian company launches essay competition to find answer.

How to buy bitcoins in person at Buttonwood Satoshi Square and other meetups

| David Gilson

There are meetups for bitcoin trading all over the world. Where can you find them? What can you expect?

Feathercoin Meetup - Oxford Blue

Altcoins to take centre stage at Feathercoin meetup in Oxford

| Emily Spaven

A Feathercoin meetup is being held in a pub in Oxford, England, this weekend.