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Medici-Backed Bitsy Launches User-Friendly Crypto Wallet

| Nikhilesh De

Bitsy, a Medici Ventures portfolio firm, wants to spur crypto adoption with the launch of an ultra-simple, beginner-friendly wallet.

Prime Minister’s Son to Head Barbados Blockchain Startup

| Stan Higgins

Barbados-based payments startup Bitt has hired Rawdon Adams, the son of an ex-prime minister, as its new CEO.

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Regulated ICOs Arrive: Overstock to Open Exchange for Legal Token Trading

| Ash Bennington

U.S. retail giant Overstock is making history today with the launch of the first regulated platform for the exchange of tokens classed as securities.

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Overstock Ramps Up Blockchain Spending With $8 Million Q1 Loss

| Stan Higgins

Medici, the blockchain technology arm of e-tailer, has reported an $8m pre-tax loss for the first quarter of 2017.

How the ‘Dole Stock Crisis’ is Reigniting the Push for Blockchain

| Michael del Castillo

A recent issue with Dole's public stock highlights the potential for blockchain in capital markets, proponents say.

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Overstock Just Closed its First Day of Blockchain Stock Trading

| Michael del Castillo

Overstock's CEO marks the end of the first ever day of blockchain trading with an unusual offer to the SEC.

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Overstock Could Raise $30 Million With Blockchain Stock Offering

| Michael del Castillo

A trove of recently published documents reveal Overstock could raise over $30m for its blockchain stock offering.

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Overstock’s Blockchain and the War Against Naked Shorting

| Jacob Dienelt

Overstock plans to sell shares of stock on its own transparent blockchain platform, but will it stop the cheating?


Overstock’s Blockchain Business Reports $3 Million Loss

| Stan Higgins

E-tailer reported a $3m loss for the third quarter of this year tied to its ongoing work building a blockchain-based stock exchange.

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Overstock’s New Blockchain President to Accelerate ‘Fight Against Wall Street’

| Michael del Castillo

Overstock blockchain president Jonathan Johnson discusses his strategy for the e-commerce giant in his first interview since assuming the new role.