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Bitcoin Traders Adopt ‘Wait and See’ Stance As China Impact Fades

| Charles Bovaird

Bitcoin prices stayed largely within specific ranges this week, as traders tended to sit on the sidelines.

Bitcoin Price Fluctuations Calm Amid Chinese Regulatory Suspense

| Charles Bovaird

The suspense surrounding potential bitcoin regulations in China served to limit this week's price movements.

Bitcoin Prices Rally Nearly 18% As 2016 Draws to a Close

| Charles Bovaird

Bitcoin prices surged this week, breaking through $800 before starting a sharp rally that pushed prices above $900.

strike back

Ethereum Classic Price Surges By Over 30%

| Charles Bovaird

Ethereum classic (ETC) made a comeback this week, enjoying a surge in both price and hashrate after successive roadblocks.

Ether Prices Fall to Lowest Since February as Sentiment Sours

| Charles Bovaird

The price of ether fell below $6 during the week through 9th December, reaching its lowest point since February.

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Bitcoin Builds Support Above $700 But 2016 High Proves Elusive

| Charles Bovaird

This week, bitcoin prices neared the annual high reached in June, while it was mixed news for other cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin’s Price Flirts With $750 as Zcash Fervor Fades

| Charles Bovaird

It was a volatile week for the digital currency markets, with bitcoin proving erratic and Zcash seeing the excitement following its launch subside.

Bitcoin Price Climbs Over 50% in First Half of 2016

| Charles Bovaird

CoinDesk analyzes activities in the bitcoin and ether markets over the first six months of 2016.


Bitcoin Prices Volatile in $600s As Traders Await Halving

| Charles Bovaird

Bitcoin prices experienced moderate volatility during the week ending 8th July, as market participants took action ahead of the upcoming halving.

Bitcoin Rollercoaster Rides Brexit As Ether Price Holds Amid DAO Debacle

| Charles Bovaird

Bitcoin and ether prices rode a rollercoaster during the week ending 24th June, a period defined by the UK's vote to leave the European Union.