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MakerDAO Votes to Increase Fees 4% on Ethereum Stablecoin DAI

| Christine Kim

Users of the dollar-backed stablecoin DAI have staked MakerDAO governance tokens in favor of supporting a 4 percent raise to stablecoin fees.

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MakerDAO Weighs Fourth Fee Hike as DAI Stablecoin Remains Below $1

| Christine Kim

MakerDAO token holders could soon be voting on another proposal to increase fees on the loans that issue new holdings of the stablecoin DAI.

MakerDAO Token Holders Approve Fee Increase for Ethereum Stablecoin

| Christine Kim

Votes have been cast in overwhelming support of increasing borrowing fees to the dollar-backed stablecoin dai.

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MakerDAO Opens Token Holder Vote on Fee Hike for Ethereum Stablecoin

| Leigh Cuen

With the DAI's dollar-peg "almost at a breaking point," governance token holders are considering whether to raise the "Dai Stability Fee."

JP Morgan Is Quietly Testing Cutting-Edge Ethereum Privacy Tech

| Ian Allison

Fresh off its big reveal of JPM Coin, the megabank is quietly testing a cutting-edge form of ethereum privacy tech.

The Next Big Ethereum Conference Will Run Almost Entirely on Blockchains

| Christine Kim

Everything from applications to attend ETHDenver to the processes for submitting, judging and voting on projects will be supported in some way…

Tradeshift Pilots Stablecoin to Speed Up Business Payments

| Wolfie Zhao

MakerDAO is partnering with Tradeshift to test how its stablecoin DAI can help to speed up the payment process for small businesses.

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MakerDAO and More: The Quest for a Stable Stablecoin Continues

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Even with a tumultuous past and harsh critics, stablecoin projects keep popping up, aiming to relieve some of the volatility in the crypto markets.