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Bitcoin: A 21st Century Currency Explained By a Wall Street Veteran

| Jason Leibowitz

Wall Street veteran Jason Leibowitz answers questions about how bitcoin was created, how it works and why it matters.

Kenyan High Court Hears BitPesa Case Against Safaricom

| Joon Ian Wong

The Kenyan High Court heard a case brought by bitcoin startup BitPesa against mobile money giant Safaricom two days ago.

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Igot Expands Exchange and Remittance Services to Kenya

| Yessi Bello Perez

Bitcoin firm igot has expanded to Kenya following the acquisition of a local cryptocurrency exchange and integration with a mobile payments platform.

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What Bitcoin Can Learn From Mobile Money’s Journey

| Sarah Boone Martin

Many of the greatest challenges faced by bitcoin today mirror those of its predecessor – mobile money.


How BitPesa Plans to Reduce Friction in the Remittances Market

| Kadhim Shubber

The socially-focused bitcoin startup aims to "cut through" the inefficiencies in international remittances and underdeveloped banking systems.


37Coins Plans Worldwide Bitcoin Access With SMS-Based Wallet

| Daniel Cawrey

The startup aims to provide universal bitcoin access via wallet that can be used on any cellphone.

When Will Bitcoin Be Truly Inclusive?

| Danny Bradbury

The Bitcoin Foundation is trying to make bitcoin more inclusive. That's a tall order.

BitPesa Uses Bitcoin to Slash Kenyan Remittance Costs

| Richard Boase

A new Kenyan company plans to use bitcoin, targeting the country's $1.17bn annual remittance market.

What do influential people think about bitcoin?

| Daniel Cawrey

The more influential people who talk about bitcoin, positive or negative, the better off it will probably be.

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Afghanistan’s first recorded bitcoin transaction?

| Robert Viglione

Robert Viglione makes possibly the first recorded bitcoin transaction in Afghanistan.