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Lightning Sucks, But It Could Help Build a Bitcoin Economy

| Leigh Cuen

At least a dozen startups are now betting on the profitability of bitcoin birthing a "Lightning Economy." Is it too soon?

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Square Crypto Hires Lightning, Libra Developers for ‘Bitcoin Dream Team’

| Leigh Cuen

The Square Crypto team announced three more developer hires on Thursday, pulling from major companies in the crypto space.

Lightning Labs Mobile App Gets 2,000 Downloads in 24 Hours

| Leigh Cuen

The new mainstream-friendly mobile wallet from Lightning Labs saw 2,000 downloads on Day 1. Next up for the company: merchant services.

Fraud-Fighting ‘Watchtowers’ to Arrive in Next Bitcoin Lightning Release

| Alyssa Hertig

So-called lightning network "watchtowers" -- a much-anticipated next step for securing the network -- are coming soon.

Lightning Labs Launches Desktop App on Bitcoin Mainnet

| Alyssa Hertig

Lightning Labs has put out an alpha release for its lightning desktop app for bitcoin's mainnet.

Lightning Labs Releases ‘Loop’ Feature for Bitcoin Payments Channels

| Christine Kim

California startup Lightning Labs released today a new feature to improve usability of the bitcoin payment channel network, lightning.

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Bitcoin Lightning Tech Expands Beyond Invoices in Step Toward Better UX

| Alyssa Hertig

New tech by a principal developer could soon make it possible for bitcoin's lightning network to expand to new use cases.

Square CEO Jack Dorsey Says Bitcoin’s Lightning Is Coming to Cash App

| Leigh Cuen

Lightning Network projects are booming, thanks in part to the buzz surrounding bitcoin bull Jack Dorsey.

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Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Is Live, But Can It Keep from Going Corporate?

| Leigh Cuen

As startups developing bitcoin's Lightning Network start pushing the tech forward, some wonder whether it'll be taken over by corporate interests.

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Lightning Labs Launches Beta With Twitter CEO Backing

| Leigh Cuen

Big investors are lining up to back the startup behind the most advanced implementation of bitcoin's in-development Lightning Network.