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Vulnerability Fixed in Facebook Contract Language for Libra Cryptocurrency

| William Foxley

The vulnerability in the Move IR compiler allows malicious actors to introduce executable code to their smart contracts," OpenZeppelin’s CEO Demian…

Facebook Adds Singapore Dollar to Libra Crypto Basket: Report

| Nikhilesh De

Facebook reportedly included the Singapore dollar but not the Chinese yuan in an updated list of currencies meant to back the Libra stablecoin.

yuan, china

New Head of China’s Digital Currency Says It Beats Facebook Libra on Tech Features

| Daniel Palmer

The PBoC's new digital currency chief has said its upcoming digital yuan has features not offered by Facebook Libra.

Facebook’s WhatsApp Seeks Policy Expert to Champion Blockchain in Africa

| Nathan DiCamillo

WhatsApp is looking to hire a blockchain policy expert in Africa as parent company Facebook's Libra project meets regulatory resistance worldwide.

ECB’s Mersch Warns Over ‘Treacherous Promises’ of Facebook Libra

| Daniel Palmer

Yves Mersch has warned of the threat posed by Facebook's Libra to monetary policy and consumers in the EU.

facebook, bitcoin

Facebook’s Libra Project Launches Bug Bounty With $10,000 Max Reward

| Leigh Cuen

The Libra Association will pay up to $10,000 to independent security researchers who find bugs in the Libra blockchain.

Facebook’s Calibra Is Building a Compliance Team, Searching for Sanctions Lead

| Anna Baydakova

The Calibra wallet team is looking for more compliance professionals.

Coinbase’s Ex-Policy Head Will Lobby for Facebook’s Libra Crypto

| Wolfie Zhao

Facebook has hired a lobbying firm led by a former head of policy at Coinbase amid regulatory pushback from U.S. lawmakers over its Libra project.

Loom Launches ‘CryptoZombies’ Tutorial to Get Coders on Facebook’s Libra

| Brady Dale

Get the basics of Facebook's new Libra blockchain with a free online tutorial from Loom.

Switzerland Meetings Didn’t Clear US Lawmaker’s Doubts on Facebook’s Libra

| Wolfie Zhao

A U.S. lawmaker said her concerns with Facebook's Libra crypto project remain after meeting regulators in Switzerland.