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Global Crypto Framework Needed to Stop ‘Regulatory Arbitrage,’ Watchdog Warns

| Danny Nelson

Hong Kong’s securities regulator says the world needs a united response to stablecoins like Libra to avoid firms setting up in laxer jurisdictions.

European Union to Regulate Stablecoins, Not Issue Its Own: Source

| Nikhilesh De

Contrary to earlier reports, a source tells CoinDesk the EU isn't looking to issue its own digital currency in response to Libra.

Libra Won’t Spread as Quickly as Facebook, Says Calibra Exec

| William Foxley

Libra won't necessarily mimic Facebook's historic rise, said Calibra executive Kevin Weil.

Coinbase Legal Chief Says Private Sector Should Build US Digital Dollar

| Danny Nelson

Coinbase chief legal officer Brian Brooks thinks the private sector is best positioned to build America's digital dollar.

Ex-Official Trolls Libra, Says China Likely to Issue Digital Currency First

| David Pan

China's central bank could be the first to issue its own national digital currency, a former official said, while contending that Libra was doomed.

‘Hell No’: Jack Dorsey Says Twitter Won’t Be Joining Libra Association

| William Foxley

The private Libra project is not in line with what Dorsey wants Twitter to stand for, the CEO (and bitcoin supporter) said.

Zuckerberg: Facebook Would Quit Libra if the Association Launched Prematurely

| Nikhilesh De and Marc Hochstein

Facebook's CEO told lawmakers the company would pull out of the Libra Association if the consortium launched its cryptocurrency without regulatory…

How to Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s Grilling in Congress Today

| Daniel Palmer

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg will be testifying before lawmakers on Libra and more later today. Watch the livestream here.

US Treasury to Monitor Libra Over Possible Financial Risks

| Daniel Palmer

The Treasury Department has committed to monitoring the Facebook-led cryptocurrency project Libra alongside regulatory efforts by Congress.

Regulate Stablecoins – Don’t Squash Them

| Nathan Kaiser

Regulators should offer a path for stablecoins to exist alongside current financial systems, writes a fellow at Harvard's Berkman Klein Center.