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Winklevoss Capital, Charlie Shrem Settle $26 Million Bitcoin Lawsuit

| Marc Hochstein

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have settled their case against Charlie Shrem, whom they previously claimed owed them $26 million worth of bitcoin.

Craig Wright’s Fight With a Cartoon Bitcoin Astronaut Cat Explained

| Alyssa Hertig

It's Satoshi claimant Craig Wright vs the bitcoin community, with accusations of fraud and defamation flying between them.

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Bitcoin Has a Florida Problem

| Justin S. Wales

Jurisdictions that lack clear guidance or take a hostile view of blockchain and crypto hurt the industry. Florida is doing both.

Romper Room to White Linen: Saying Goodbye to Crypto’s Infant Anarchy

| Sheila Bair

As the crypto markets have matured, they've seen increasing acceptance with traditional finance and regulators, but there's still a way to go.

India’s Supreme Court Pushes Crypto Banking Ban Hearing to September

| Christine Kim

A Supreme Court decision on the Reserve Bank of India's efforts to bar crypto firms from receiving banking services has been pushed to September.

A US Election Probe Implicated Bitcoin – And the Reaction Was Swift

| Stan Higgins and Anna Baydakova

The revelation bitcoin may have played a role in one of the biggest U.S. elections scandals has crypto supporters and mainstream pundits talking.

Court Says India’s Crypto Exchange Bank Account Ban Will Continue

| Muyao Shen

India's central bank won a key victory in court this week.


Lawsuit Alleges JPMorgan Chase Overcharged Crypto Buyers

| David Floyd

An Idaho resident has sued the bank on behalf of "hundreds or thousands" of affected cryptocurrency investors.

Lawyer Warns Bitfinex on ‘Threats’ Against Blogger

| Marc Hochstein

Blogger Bitfinex'd hires lawyer Stephen Palley, who says that if he finds Bitfinex is behind threats against his client, "there will be consequences."

Russia Eyes Summer Deadline for New Cryptocurrency Laws

| Wolfie Zhao

Russia is reportedly hoping to pass long-discussed new cryptocurrency legislation by July 1, a report suggests.