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Dutch Court Declares Bitcoin Isn’t Money in Civil Trial

| Pete Rizzo

The judgement stemmed from a lawsuit over 1,760 BTC that was never delivered to the buyer.

Do Patent Filings from eBay and Western Union Pose a Threat to Bitcoin?

| Pete Rizzo

Big-name companies are attempting to own concepts pertaining to digital currencies. How worried should we be?

Swiss flags

Paying Workers in Bitcoin May Be Illegal Under Swiss Law

| Pete Rizzo

A report suggests that employers in Switzerland cannot legally pay workers in digital currency.

Butterfly Labs Customers Appeal to FTC for $1 Million in Missing Orders

| Joon Ian Wong

Butterfly Labs customers have submitted nearly 300 complaints to the US government, a new report finds.

HashFast Cuts 50% of Staff, Denies Bankruptcy Rumors

| Pete Rizzo

HashFast Technologies has announced that it has laid off 50% of its current staff.

US Lawyer: Mt. Gox Settlement Proposal Could Make Former Users Whole

| Pete Rizzo

The top US lawyer prosecuting Mt. Gox previews what will be at stake in 1st May's preliminary hearing.

FinCEN: Digital Currency Cloud Mining, Escrow Services Aren’t Money Transmitters

| Daniel Cawrey

FinCEN has released two new rulings that offer clarity and guidance to digital currency service providers.

Family: Ross Ulbricht Conviction Would ‘Threaten Internet Freedom’

| Pete Rizzo

Kirk and Lyn Ulbricht talk to CoinDesk about their son's case and the threat it poses to free speech.

Investor Group Optimistic in Fight to Stop Mt. Gox Liquidation

| Stan Higgins

A group of investors are seeking control of the bankrupt Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange before its assets are liquidated.

‘Emergency Hearing’ Could Lead to New Discoveries in Mt. Gox Case

| Pete Rizzo

An emergency court hearing set for tomorrow could enable the prosecuting attorneys to obtain new fact-finding abilities.