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Kodak Launches a Blockchain-Enabled Document Management System

| Daniel Kuhn

The 130-year old company is offering blockchain-based document management.

The Kodak KashMiner’s Flashy Debut Ends In Failure

| Christine Kim

The much-publicized partnership that would have resulted in digital media brand Kodak's name appearing on a series of bitcoin miners is no more.

F1 Champ Alonso Adopts KodakCoin Platform for Image Protection

| Muyao Shen

Fernando Alonso, the world's top Formula One racing driver, is tapping a blockchain-secured platform to safeguard his image rights.

KODAKCoin Fundraising to Begin Later This Month

| Wolfie Zhao

Imaging giant Kodak is now looking at May 21 for the SAFT offering of its KODAKCoin for accredited investors.

Fraudsters Take Aim at Investors in Controversial KodakCoin ICO

| Wolfie Zhao

KODAKCoin's backers are calling a crypto exchange's ICO launch claims "fraudulent."

Kodak Could Earn $5 Million for ICO Brand Licensing Deal

| Nikhilesh De

Kodak licensed its brand out to WENN Digital for the KODAKCoin token, which could net the onetime photography giant between $2 and $5 million.

KODAKCoin Backers Warn SEC Could Restrict Token Trading

| Stan Higgins

A new "light paper" says the token could face "significant restrictions" should the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) deem it a security.

Game Maker Atari Is Planning to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

| Stan Higgins

The maker of "Pac-Man" and "Pong" has struck a deal that will result in the creation of a new Atari-branded cryptocurrency.

Kodak’s Blockchain Pivot Is A Sham, Investment Manager Says

| Wolfie Zhao

A hedge fund with short position in Kodak does not believe the image firm will use blockchain technology to save itself.

KodakCoin Token Sale Delayed By ‘Several Weeks’

| Nikhilesh De

Photo company Kodak announced it was delaying its token sale by "several weeks" on Wednesday, the day it was originally supposed to launch.