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Kadena Releases Updated Smart Contract Language for ‘Hybrid Blockchains’

| Christine Kim

The enterprise blockchain startup has updated its Pact programming language to allow smart contract execution between private and public networks.

Kadena to Go Live In October with $3 Billion Asset Manager Onboard

| Christine Kim

Multi-million dollar enterprise blockchain startup Kadena announced today it would be launching its own public blockchain network in October.

Road to Consensus with Kadena’s Will Martino: Who Needs Private Blockchain?

| Nolan Bauerle

Blockchain Startup Kadena Raises $12 Million in SAFT Sale

| Nikhilesh De

Blockchain startup Kadena has raised $12 million for its upcoming Chainweb protocol.

JP Morgan Blockchain Spin-Off Kadena Hires New Head of Growth

| Nikhilesh De

Kadena, the JP Morgan blockchain spinoff, has hired former Capco executive Ben Jessel to head its business growth efforts.

JP Morgan Blockchain Spin-Off Raises $2.25 Million

| Nikhilesh De

Smart contract startup Kadena has raised $2.25 million in a pre-A financing private-placement SAFT round for its new blockchain project.


Evolution of Kadena, the First Real Private Blockchain

| George Samman

George Samman outlines how the consensus algorithm achieved by Raft was finally fixed by its distant relative, Kadena.