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Justin Sun Draws Heat From Tron Fans for Waffling on Promised Prizes

| Leigh Cuen

There's an unclear line between Tron Foundation accounts and CEO Justin Sun's personal expenditures on the community, as a recent Tesla giveaway…

SF Summit Shows BitTorrent Is Boosting Tron’s Appeal

| Brady Dale

At Tron's niTROn Summit, CEO Justin Sun sketched out his vision for how BitTorrent's massive user base can leapfrog the crypto adoption problem.

BitTorrent Courted EOS, Filecoin Crypto Creators Prior to Tron Sale

| Annaliese Milano and Brady Dale

Tron and Neo weren't the only crypto projects interested in acquiring BitTorrent; in fact, CoinDesk has learned, five others were tempted to buy too.

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Not Just Tron: Neo’s Failed $170 Million Bid to Buy BitTorrent Revealed

| Annaliese Milano and Brady Dale

It turns out that more crypto companies explored buying BitTorrent than just Tron. Not previously reported, Neo Global Capital made a much higher bid.

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Tron’s BitTorrent Acquisition Triggers String of Employee Exits

| Annaliese Milano

At least five BitTorrent employees have left BitTorrent due to disagreements related to its acquisition by Tron founder Justin Sun.

It Took Just A Day for Tron’s Founder to Win His Own Blockchain’s Election

| Annaliese Milano

After announcing his candidacy just one day ago, Tron founder Justin Sun has already been elected to run a node in the network.

Tron’s Election Is Underway, But Who’s In Control of the $2 Billion Code?

| Annaliese Milano

Tron is in the process of electing "super representatives," but who's behind the wheel until the votes are in?

Tron Claims Its Blockchain Is Live, But Its Token Migration Isn’t Over

| Annaliese Milano

Tron says its technology officially went live today, but the migration of its users funds from ethereum to its mainnet has yet to be fully completed.

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Tron Independence Day: What’s at Stake for a $3 Billion Blockchain

| Annaliese Milano

Valued at nearly $3 billion, the Tron blockchain is set to go live in the coming days, finally putting the much-debated technology to test.

Twitter Scammers Use Verified Accounts to Trick Crypto Holders

| Annaliese Milano

Scammers hoping to steal cryptocurrency are hacking verified Twitter accounts to swindle users.