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Craig Wright’s New Company is Building a Bitcoin Core Competitor

| Pete Rizzo

A secretive startup called nChain is gearing up to launch an alternative implementation of the bitcoin software for use by developers.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Up for Debate at FutureMoney Conference

| Yessi Bello Perez

Bitcoin’s consumer appeal and the technical promise of distributed ledgers were hotly debated topics during yesterday's FutureMoney event.

KPMG: Bitcoin a Threat and Opportunity for Retail Banks

| Yessi Bello Perez

KPMG has published a report which identifies bitcoin as both a threat and an opportunity to the banking sector.

Jon Matonis

Jon Matonis Resigns As Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director

| Pete Rizzo

Jon Matonis is to step down from his positions as executive director and board member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

BitLicense Bitcoins Will Trade at The Market Rate

| Jason Tyra

Jason Tyra evaluates whether bitcoins that go through licensed exchanges will trade at market rate or at a discount.

Bitcoin Foundation

Bitcoin Foundation Unveils New User-Friendly Website

| Stan Higgins

The Bitcoin Foundation has launched a new-look website featuring various resources on bitcoin and the organization itself.

Bitcoin Foundation Holds $4 Million in Bitcoin, Spends $150k Each Month

| Pete Rizzo

Bitcoin Foundation discusses its expanding operations and past controversies at its annual members meeting.

Patrick Byrne

Overstock CEO Delivers Keynote to 1,000+ Attendees at Bitcoin2014

| Roop Gill

Bitcoin2014 kicked off today in earnest, with Patrick Byrne addressing future plans and past controversies in his keynote speech.

Bitcoin Foundation Sets Record Straight on New UK Office

| Pete Rizzo

The Bitcoin Foundation discussed its newest London office, which became an unlikely magnet for controversy on Sunday.

Mystery candidates

Bitcoin Foundation Board Reveals Hopes for Charlie Shrem’s Replacement

| Pete Rizzo

Members of the Bitcoin Foundation speak to CoinDesk about the many qualities their latest board member will need.