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Author Jimmy Song Talks About ‘The Little Bitcoin Book’

| John Biggs

This week on CoinDesk Live, our own Brady Dale talks with Jimmy Song about his new book.

Joe Lubin, Jimmy Song Strike $500K Crypto Bet on Ethereum’s Future

| Brady Dale

The terms of a much-hyped bet between Joe Lubin and Jimmy Song have finally been settled – and a lot of money is on the line.

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Decentralized or Nothing: Song Duels IBM Over Blockchain Hype at SXSW

| Brady Dale

An event at SXSW pitted Blockchain Capital's Jimmy Song against IBM's Chris Ferris in a debate over permissioned vs. permissionless blockchains.

Joe Lubin and Jimmy Song Make Bitcoin Bet Over Blockchain ‘Magic Dust’

| David Floyd

The ethereum evangelist and bitcoin maximalist battled it out onstage at Consensus 2018.

One of Bitcoin’s Biggest Investments Might Finally Be Paying Off

| Leigh Cuen

Old hands aren't quite sure why there's been a spike in new contributors to bitcoin's open-source code, but they’re quite pleased to see it happen.

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Programming Blockchain Can Change How You See Bitcoin

| Ariel Deschapell

Jimmy Song's Programming Blockchain workshop taught me about a lot more than bitcoin.

Jimmy Song’s New Mission: Fund Unpaid Bitcoin Coders

| Michael del Castillo

Bitcoin Core developer Jimmy reveals Platypus Labs, a project at Blockchain Capital to provide fellowships and more to support bitcoin development.

Bitcoin Dev Jimmy Song Is Now at Blockchain Capital

| Sujha Sundararajan

Blockchain Capital has announced that Jimmy Song, a bitcoin core developer, has joined the blockchain firm as a venture partner.