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Bloq CEO Jeff Garzik Subpoenaed Over Craig Wright’s Satoshi Claim

| Yogita Khatri

Jeff Garzik has been served a subpoena relating to the ongoing Craig Wright vs. Ira Kleiman lawsuit.

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Crypto ICO Metronome Raises $12 Million in Unconventional Auction

| Brady Dale

An initial coin offering for Metronome let the market find its price with a reverse auction that sold 8 million tokens.


Jeff Garzik Is Reworking the Segwit2x Code

| Alyssa Hertig

The code original designed for one of bitcoin's most controversial software proposals is being repurposed for a new objective.

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Jeff Garzik Startup Bloq to Launch Cross-Blockchain Cryptocurrency

| Pete Rizzo

The figure at the center of bitcoin's scaling debate is launching a new cryptocurrency aimed to quell longstanding issues with public blockchains.


Between a Rock and a Hard Fork: Jeff Garzik’s Plan to Avoid a Bitcoin Split

| Alyssa Hertig

Perhaps no coder is more at the center of bitcoin's raging scaling debate than Jeff Garzik – here he talks about the network's future.

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Developer Proposes Hybrid SegWit Solution to Bitcoin’s Block Size Debate

| Garrett Keirns

A new proposal seeks to combine two solutions to bitcoin's block size debate into one compromise to move the network forward.

Inside Bloq’s Bid to Bring Bitcoin’s Code to Enterprise Businesses

| Pete Rizzo

CoinDesk profiles Bloq, a new startup by bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik and long-time industry investor Matt Roszak.

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Bitcoin Block Size Debate: Who’s Picking Sides?

| Grace Caffyn

Which companies are supporting BIP 100 or BIP 101? We've tracked down the answers.


BTCChina Support Gives BIP 100 Bitcoin Hashrate Majority

| Grace Caffyn

BTCChina has backed Jeff Garzik's block size scaling solution, giving BIP 100 a majority of the network's hashing power.

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BitFury Backs BIP 100 Blocksize Proposal

| Grace Caffyn

BitFury – the best-capitalised mining firm in bitcoin – has waded into the block size debate, stating it must be resolved by consensus.