Browsing the "" Tag Rolls Out Blockchain Platform With Its First App

| Wolfie Zhao

Chinese e-commerce giant has launched a blockchain platform along with its first application – one for tracking invoices.’s Finance Arm to Issue Asset-Backed Securities on a Blockchain

| Wolfie Zhao

JD Finance, a subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce giant, has announced a pilot issuance of asset-backed securities over a blockchain.

E-Commerce Giant JD to Launch Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

| Wolfie Zhao has today unveiled a white paper detailing its plans for a new blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform. to Track Beef Imports Using Blockchain Platform

| Wolfie Zhao

Chinese e-commerce giant said it will roll out a blockchain system to track beef imports from a new meat supplier in Australia.

E-Commerce Giant Launches Blockchain Startup Accelerator

| Wolfie Zhao, one of China's largest e-commerce platforms, is launching an accelerator program to foster the development of blockchain-focused startups.

Chinese Retail Giant Joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance

| Daniel Palmer

The logistics arm of Chinese retail and internet giant has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance.

Walmart, Back Blockchain Food Tracking Effort in China

| Stan Higgins

Retail giants Walmart and are among several companies backing a new blockchain effort in China focused on food safety and traceability.