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‘Nothing Is Decentralized’: Crypto Springs Confronts Tech’s Shortcomings

| Leigh Cuen

The tone distinguishing Crypto Springs from the plethora of blockchain conferences was an acute focus on uncomfortable and open-ended questions.

Dogecoin Founder Exits Crypto Community Citing ‘Toxic’ Culture

| Pete Rizzo

Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer has announced a "leave of absence" from the digital currency community.

Many Shibes and Much Talk at San Francisco Dogecoin Conference

| Daniel Cawrey

A dogecoin-themed conference held 25th April brought hundreds to hear from leaders in the altcoin industry.

Charlie Lee Proposes Merged Mining of Litecoin and Dogecoin

| Daniel Cawrey

The success of dogecoin has changed the way that miners view scrypt. And that's bad, according to Charlie Lee.

Dogecoin’s Jackson Palmer on Fast Transactions, Many Tips and Much Inflation

| Daniel Cawrey

Jackson Palmer tells CoinDesk why he founded dogecoin and why it is more appealing than bitcoin.

In a Doge-Eat-Doge World, Can Every Altcoin Survive?

| Daniel Cawrey

In the future, will we tip with dogecoin, spend 'loose change' with litecoin and make big payments with bitcoin?


Dogecoin Founder Turns Down $500k Investment Offer

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

Dogecoin Founder Jackson Palmer has turned down a substantial investment offer from a group of Australian venture capitalists.