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What the Holy Land Reveals About Bitcoin

| Leigh Cuen

Israel's political backdrop gave attendees of Tel Aviv Blockchain Week an opportunity to ponder the duality of today's bitcoin movement.

These iAngels Are Bringing New Heavyweights Into Bitcoin Investing

| Leigh Cuen

The three women behind Israeli investment platform iAngels are promoting crypto adoption by connecting with traditional investors.

Join the CoinDesk Team in Tel Aviv

| John Biggs

CoinDesk is heading to Tel Aviv on September 12 and we'd love to see you.

Facebook Isn’t Behind the First Incubator for Libra Crypto Developers

| Leigh Cuen

With $125,000 committed to a virtual bootcamp in November, Libracamp is incubating development on Facebook's Libra testnet.

Israeli Regulator to Fast Track 2,000 Fintech License Applications

| William Foxley

Over 2,000 fintech and blockchain-businesses are currently seeking licenses from the federal regulator

Israeli Cryptocurrency Traders Locked Out of Banking System: Report

| William Foxley

Crypto startups are hitting a snag when it comes to Israeli banks.

Bancor Raised $153 Million and Found Actual Users. Why Did Its Price Tank?

| Leigh Cuen

Bancor raised $153 million as one of the top initial coin offerings of 2017. With its BNT token trading near all-time lows, here's an update on the…

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Trump Administration in Talks With Crypto Startup on Israeli–Palestinian Peace Plans

| Leigh Cuen

Crypto startup Orbs has been working with the Trump administration to explore blockchain solutions related to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

Two Israeli Brothers Arrested for Phishing Fraud, Bitfinex Hack

| Daniel Kuhn

The brothers two allegedly embezzled over $100 million over a multi-year scam.

Crypto Exchange Bits of Gold Wins Supreme Court Battle Over Bank Block

| Benedict Alibasa

Cryptocurrency exchange Bits of Gold has won a notable legal victory over an Israeli bank in its bid to keep access to banking services.