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BMW, Intel Partner With Government-Backed Blockchain Accelerator

| Yogita Khatri

BMW Group Asia, Intel and Nielsen are now corporate partners of the Singapore government-supported blockchain accelerator Tribe.

Tensions Emerge Between Hyperledger Blockchain Group’s Biggest Supporters

| Ian Allison

More than a potential competition between blockchain platforms, tensions between IBM and Intel point to bigger questions around governance.

Intel Wins Patent for Energy-Efficient Bitcoin Mining

| Nikhilesh De

An Intel patent awarded Tuesday outlines a method for mining cryptos using the SHA-256 algorithm more efficiently.

Ethereum’s Biggest Enterprise Group Is Releasing New Software Specs

| Ian Allison

The largest blockchain consortium has released its latest round of specifications – the next steps to harmonizing the way big companies use…

Enigma Protocol to Integrate Smart Contracts Tech With Intel Systems

| Annaliese Milano

Smart contracts project Enigma will use Intel tech to help secure one of the first public blockchains utilizing privacy-preserving "secret contracts."

No Miners? Intel Seeks to Automate DLT Block Verification

| Nikhilesh De

A newly released Intel patent application sets out a system for automatically creating and validating blocks on a distributed ledger.

Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Turns to Blockchain for New Lending Platform

| Sujha Sundararajan

Accenture and Intel are to help develop a Hyperledger-based securities lending platform for the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.

Intel Wants to Patent a Bitcoin Mining Hardware ‘Accelerator’

| Nikhilesh De

Intel explains in a recently-released patent application how it would improve its products for bitcoin mining purposes.

Intel Thinks Blockchain Could Power a Next-Gen Media Rights Manager

| Leigh Cuen

Tech giant Intel has moved to protect a custom system for digital rights management built on a blockchain.

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Hyperledger Sawtooth Is Ready for Business Use

| Michael del Castillo

Intel-contributed Sawtooth blockchain software has become the second code base to graduate from incubation by the Hyperledger blockchain consortium.