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Eye of God, Israel

Gallery: ‘Eye of God’ Painting Sells for €10,000 in Bitcoin

| Pete Rizzo

A painting depicting bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto sold for 35 BTC at a recent bitcoin conference.

Israeli Bitcoin Conference Postponed Due to Gaza Crisis

| Stan Higgins

The battle between Israeli forces and Hamas has resulted in the closure of Ben-Gurion International Airport to incoming flights.

Gallery: Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong Unites International Industry in Asia

| Pete Rizzo

CoinDesk provides a visual recap of the recent Inside Bitcoins conference held in Hong Kong.

Hands on smartphone

How Kipochi is Taking Bitcoin into Africa

| Pete Rizzo

Pelle Braendgaard talks to CoinDesk about his company's plans and the challenges bitcoin faces in the developing world.

GoCoin’s Steve Beauregard Talks Altcoins, Asia and Merchant Adoption

| Pete Rizzo

GoCoin CEO Steve Beauregard makes the business case for altcoins in a new interview with CoinDesk.

Blockchain’s Nic Cary on Bitcoin Wallets, Mt. Gox and Decentralization

| Pete Rizzo

Blockchain CEO Nic Cary discusses a wide range of topics from Mt. Gox to his company's March service outage.

Block Chain Technology Offers New Crime-Fighting Options

| Edan Yago

A new generation of services will utilize the unique properties of block-chain technology to provide scalable security.

Inside Bitcoins NYC Review

Inside Bitcoins NYC Day 2 Showcases a Maturing, Legitimate Industry

| Tom Sharkey

Day two of Inside Bitcoins NYC saw notable talks from serious players in Wall Street and Congress.

Inside Bitcoins NYC Day 1: Bitcoin 2.0 Takes Center Stage

| Tom Sharkey

Day one of Inside Bitcoins NYC drew a large crowd with an even larger diversity of interests and opinions.

Blockchain CEO Nic Cary: Global Stories Highlight Bitcoin’s Value

| Pete Rizzo

Blockchain CEO Nic Cary used personal stories to illustrate bitcoin's disruptive potential at Inside Bitcoins New York.