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Good Money’s Master Plan: A Stealth Bid to Get Celebrities Promoting Crypto

| Brady Dale

Can flat abs gurus and mommy bloggers sell the masses on using crypto? Inside the stealth startup that's raising big to do just that.

This Meme Marketplace Uses Dummy Tokens to Draw Users in a Bear Market

| Brady Dale

Even before its protocol is live, District0x's Meme Factory has engaged its community in blockchain governance with a meme contest and fake tokens.

The Crowd Machine Crypto Token Theft: What We Know So Far

| David Floyd

A crypto startup aiming to disrupt AWS has suffered a massive token theft. While few details are available, here's what we know and don't know.

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Ethereum Dapp Bancor Is Expanding to EOS for Fast, Free Transactions

| David Floyd

Bancor has announced plans to launch on EOS, expanding its decentralized token exchange protocol to a second blockchain.

Galaxy Capital Leads $16 Million Funding for Crypto Project Caspian

| Brady Dale

Caspian, a project aimed at giving crypto traders better tools, has attracted $16 million in funding from top industry investors.

Could This ICO Model Let Anyone Sell Tokens Legally? Civil Thinks So

| Brady Dale

Amid regulatory uncertainty, the ICO industry has all but cut off retail investors. But will a new model open it up again? Civil is testing it.


The $1 Billion Tezos Blockchain Is Officially Launching Monday

| Brady Dale

Starting Monday, the beta phase for the Tezos blockchain will be over.

FOAM Is Live: Decentralized World Map Launches on Ethereum

| David Floyd

A project that aims to build a more resilient, reliable GPS using smart contracts is up and running on the ethereum blockchain.

Are Big Crypto Token Sales Really Over? At Republic Event, Many Think So

| Brady Dale

At an event in New York on Thursday, crypto enthusiasts broadly agreed that the ICO, as it was during the hype cycle of 2017, is no more.

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Civic to Spend $43 Million In Tokens to Boost User Numbers

| Brady Dale

Civic needs a network of users, so it's offering free KYC for business partners and funding the effort with its reserve of tokens.